My Bio

When I left New Zealand in 1978 for the US, the original plan was to spend 3 months in travel and discovery.

40 years later, I was in Vail, CO. and have quite the biography full of change, adaptation, wisdom, business success, a family, and most importantly, gratitude to all who have helped me along the journey.

I accumulated relationships that would carry forward to where I am today, influencers, love affairs, sports-team colleagues, and a grand sales career pathway.

Along the way, my lessons learned, good and bad, helped me confront and adapt to challenges and changes. I taught tennis, foreign languages, soccer, and group sales meetings I addressed weekly at prominent real estate firms.

My purpose, I believe focuses spiritually on Jesus Christ, and he formed a foundation in me to help others succeed. Both failure and success allowed me to be objective to client backgrounds and obstacle….without judgement.

The Bible is a great resource for advice, and to me a professional repair book in times when damage and pain arise. Not all my clients look higher for guidance, and I am respectful accordingly.

It may seem like a little thing, but when you’re composing your essay in a rush, you are not going to get the luxury of correcting your mistakes before submitting your essay.